We opened our coffee shop in 2014, and it has become such an important part of our identity that in 2017 we actually renamed the store to make it a (nearly) equal partner with the gardening part of our business.

Our coffee roaster is Longbottom Coffee and Tea, based in Hillboro. Like us they are a family owned business, still under the original owner after 30+ years. Longbottom sells exclusively to top quality coffee shops, and once you try their coffee you’ll know why. We hear over and over how smooth and non-bitter their coffee is, even in the darkest roasts.

One of the reasons is because Longbottom was one of the first adopters of a roasting technique developed right here in Corvallis by Michael Sivetz, founder of long time Corvallis institution Sivetz Coffee. This technique, called fluidized bed air roasting, suspends the beans on a bed of moving air while they roast so they do not touch the sides of the roasting drum and pick up bitter oils and other residues. This technique is now used by many premium coffee roasters around the world, but it was born right here and Longbottom was one of the first converts!