Instruction Posters

You may have noticed that we have some very informative gardening posters in the store, written specifically for beginning gardeners. During gardening season we have them mounted in large format in our greenhouse, and all year long we have smaller versions inside the store.

If you know absolutely nothing about gardening, these posters are a really good place to start. They explain everything a novice needs to know be successful with a basic garden!

We created these posters ourselves, and we’ve added downloadable copies to our website at the links below. The posters are in PDF format, but they are very large size so we can print them in large format, and the proportions aren’t quite right for an 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper. So make sure to use the option when printing them to fit to a single sheet of paper. Even so they will be a bit crowded on a single sheet. They work real nicely to view on a computer screen though!

Here are the links:

Planting Your Garden

Happy Soil = Happy Garden

Sun and Shade

Feed Your Plants

How To Water